This is where the store and Aframark integration happens.

Follow below steps to integrate your store with Aframark:

1.  Login to your Aframark account.

 2. Choose 'Integrations' from the left bar. 

3. Select the platform and click 'Next'. 

4. Select the platform version and click 'Install'. 


5. You will find the links to download and install the extension to your eCommerce platform. You can also check the Github repo for more detailed instructions:

6. After installing extension, login to your Magento admin section. Click on 'Stores' from the left bar and then click 'Configuration'.  

7. Look out for the Aframark tab and set the following fields: 

  • Set 'Enable' to 'Yes'. 
  • Under 'Connection Settings', insert the App Key and Secret Key (available on Aframark 'Store' section). 
  • Select "Live" mode for production environment or "Test" if you are connecting with Aframark's sandbox environment.
  • If you are selecting Live mode and connecting for the very first time then we would recommend to select "No" under Display Widget. You can then add your IPs so the Q&A widget it visible for you only until you make sure it is coming out really well and working as per your requirements.
  • If you have GTINs of your product then you can map those attributes in 'GTINs mapping' section. If you don't have these, then leave it blank.
  • Click on 'Save Config' Button. 

8. Go to Aframark 'Integrations' section again and click 'Verify Connection'. 


9. After successful integration, the following notification will be displayed. 


  1. For now, we are offering only Magento 2 integration. 
  2. A connection verification notification comes up until a merchant verifies its store.