Aframark comes with two development environments namely Sandbox & Production.

Sandbox: This environment is for your UAT or Dev stores where you would like to test Aframark Q&A before releasing it for your production store.

You can create your sandbox account at

All the features works exactly like production environment though there are few things that you should note within a sandbox environment:

  • You can subscribe to any plan without actually submitting your real credit cards. You can use the below test card for subscribing to paid plans under sandbox environment

Any 3 digits
Any future date

  • Purchaser's invitations will be sent to their respective merchants instead of actual email addresses of┬ástore purchasers.

Production: This is for your store's production environment. You can create your production account at

Note: Both the above environments are entirely different from each other. You cannot share accounts, data & reporting between the environments.